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Enjoy These Guilt-Free Appetizers and Snacks Today

No matter what the occasion is, there’s bound to be an appetizer or snack that’s perfect for you and your guests’ taste buds. But appetizers and snacks aren’t just meant to begin a delicious meal — they can be effective conversation starters, too. Ready-made snacks and appetizers might save you the hassle of cooking or allow you to eat on-the-go. However, the risk with these foods is that they’re made with ingredients that are either processed or genetically modified.

Take for instance, crunchy chips. Although these can be served in many ways and utilized in many cuisines, these are made with genetically engineered (GE) ingredients like potatoes and corn, cooked in harmful trans fat-loaded vegetable oils and seasoned with dangerously high amounts of salt and/or sugar.

Chicken wings, another well-loved appetizer, are cooked in these unhealthy oils too. Conventional poultry itself poses a threat, since most chickens nowadays come from confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). In factory farms, animals are kept in horrible living conditions where they are susceptible to bacterial infections and are fed a diet of GE corn, grains and growth additives and hormones.

The next time you’re throwing a party, bringing a dish to a gathering or preparing a snack to munch on at home, don’t settle for conventional, less-than-stellar options. Opt for these appetizers and snacks recipes instead that offer healthy and guilt-free twists to old-time classics.

These dishes don’t use any artificial ingredients too, so you’re sure the flavors are as real as they get. Who knows, your family and friends might love them and come back for seconds (or even more).


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