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Shake and Bake: Healthy Baked Dishes for You and Your Family

There’s nothing like the warmth and smell of an oven while something’s baking. Whether it’s savory or sweet, baked treats are delicious and comforting to the soul. However, there’s this common notion that they can be a roadblock to health and fitness goals, which is why people tend to stay away from baked goods.

There is a common misconception that baked goods are unhealthy, but that is not the case at all. It’s what you put in these dishes that make them unhealthy. Like I mentioned before, you can enjoy good and nutritious food without scrimping on the flavor. One way to do this is by substituting some of the common unhealthy suspects in your recipes.

Instead of using wheat flour that contains gluten, use coconut flour. If the recipe calls for fats or oils, opt for raw butter coconut oil. For a dash of sweetness, natural sweeteners like stevia and luo han are better than refined sugar. Lastly, if you cannot resist adding chocolate, make sure to use dark chocolate instead of other varieties.

When you’re running out of ideas on what to cook for lunch or dinner, or simply want a scrumptious afternoon snack, these baked dishes will surely please you.


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