Healthy Salad Recipes


Satisfying Salad Recipes You Should Try

Salads are the go-to food of people who want to improve their health. This is a no-brainer, since there are many choices and recipes that let you combine your favorite healthy vegetables into one meal, while adding other nutritious ingredients like meats, fruits, nuts and dressing. There is no cookie-cutter recipe for salads, and everyone is free to come up with a mix that’s uniquely theirs.

While it may seem like salads have no caveats, remember that nowadays, most varieties of vegetables, especially leafy greens, are sprayed with high amounts of insecticides, pesticides and herbicides — harmful chemicals that have been linked to many health risks, such as nutritional deficiencies, increased antibiotic resistance and cancer risk, infertility, birth defects and endocrine disruption.

In addition, store-bought salad dressings are often made with vegetable oils, preservatives and artificial ingredients, and have no nutritional value at all!

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t eat salads anymore. Instead, make smarter purchasing decisions when buying ingredients for your next recipe. Purchase vegetables and fruits that are organically grown and free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It’s also a good idea to make your own dressing at home, so you can control the type of oil that you use and how much seasoning goes into the blend.

If you’re looking to for a new salad recipe, look no further than these dishes. Chances are they might be even better than your last creation.


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